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J C Williams

I'm delighted to advise that I'm now able to offer a large selection of audiobooks directly. You can still purchase via all the leading audible retailers. But I'm offering them considerably cheaper! 


For only £5.99 you can purchase most of my books in audiobook format. I'll post the book cover below of the titles that I have available directly to you.  If you have ANY problems just email me at

Also, by not having to pay nearly 60% commission to the likes of Amazon, you're supporting me to get the rest of my titles developed in audiobook format. 

Once you order from Shopify, you'll receive a confirmation link from BookFunnel with instructions on how to listen: you can either download their app or listen on your computer (honestly, it's so easy and self-explanatory). Click the box below and it'll take you to Shopify to order:

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The following titles are available from my Shopify store (to find them, simply click on the box above)

Audiobooks by J C Williams

The following titles are available as Audiobook, but you'll need to purchase from Audible at this time

Audiobooks from J C Williams
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