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Your opportunity to purchase and author-signed copy of this feel-good, action-packed WW2 spy adventure. Your family will adore this book :)


Price includes UK Postage (please contact me for intl rates) 


It was 1939 and Britain is on the brink of War with Germany. A highly secretive agency formed in the last Great War could be the difference between success and defeat.

The sudden arrival of a stranger in the sleepy town of Evesham was unusual; particularly one with seemingly magic powers. The mysterious Cabbage Von Dagel would throw Henry Maggin directly into the war effort and see them shipped to the Isle of Man where enemies of the state were housed.

Traditional weapons wouldn’t win this war – the victor would have to think outside the box.

Between them, they could be the last line of defence to repel the German invasion – failure was simply not an option.

Cabbage Von Dagel - signed paperback

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