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Your chance to purchase a signed paperback copy of the Wild West adventure that your family will adore!


The price includes postage to the UK (please contact me for intl rates)


For years, the town of Buzzards Creek was a godforsaken dust pit in the middle of a hostile desert.

Only senseless folk or those who’d found themselves lost stumbled upon it — that is, until the surrounding hills gave up their biggest secret…

Word of the precious yellow-bearing ore began to spread, and soon there was a rush of people heading into town, its population swelling, with every man, woman, child (and dog) eager to make their fortune there.

The promise of riches sure does crazy things to a man, and where there was a steady supply of gold, there were treacherous, cutthroat villains waiting and eager to steal a slice of the pie. The good townsfolk of Buzzards Creek couldn’t rely on their mayor, or their sheriff, for that matter, either, as they were just as corrupt.

Fed up with the rising crime rate, the district marshal sent the only man he could rely on and trust to clean up this mess: Hank Rashford and his son, Deputy Gabe Rashford.

Dealing with murderous criminals was nothing new for Sheriff Rashford, but could this be the mission that’d finally cost him and his boy their lives?


Deputy Gabe Rashford - Showdown at Buzzards Creek signed paperback

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