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  • "JC Williams is my new favourite author. His books should be prescribed on the NHS as feel-good, cheer you up medicine!"
  • "I loved this book! Perfect to put a smile on your face!"
  • "The perfect summer read. ★★★★★"

Tom is a bit of a waster...

Turning the wrong side of thirty hit him pretty hard, and what with having no money, no love life, no decent job prospects to speak of, and with debt coming out of his ears, well, the future wasn’t exactly looking too rosy.

Still, he’s a likeable chap, is Tom. He’s the first person you'd invite to your party and likely the last one to leave. A little bit of your sensible side probably secretly wishes you were a bit more like Tom, actually.

Tom knew he wanted more out of life and now was the right time to make a fresh start, but, in typical fashion, he didn't have a plan or even the faintest idea of where to begin. So, logically, he'd start by quitting his current job and see what turned up in the process!

What he didn’t count on was his future plans involving a washed-up, failed pop star or, for that matter, an ageing gangster. But that’s exactly the sort of thing that happens when you live your life on the flip of a coin.

It was going to be a tough journey for Tom and if it didn’t work out, well, he didn’t give two hoots either way, right? He’d just start again and find another credit card company foolish enough to fund his life for a few more months.

A hilarious story about doing something a little crazy and, after all, what’s the worst that could happen?

The Flip of a Coin Audiobook (Digital Download)

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