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Isle of Man locations appearing in my books - #2

Locations from my books #2

An American reader enquired about the locations that appear in my books. As you know, most of my books are set on the beautiful Isle of Man, which I'm immensely happy to also call home.

This is Castle Rushen and one of my absolute favourite spots on the Isle of Man.

Castletown (Balley Cashtal), is the ancient capital of the Isle of Man and home to Castle Rushen. One of the best-preserved medieval castles in the world.

Castle Rushen features in my novel for the younger audience: Cabbage Von Dagel.

Cabbage Von Dagel is a WW2 spy thriller, packed with humour, action and adventure and one the whole family will adore.

You can find Cabbage on Amazon at the link below:

It really is a lovely book to read

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