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Isle of Man locations appearing in my books - #3

Locations from my books #3

An American reader enquired about the locations that appear in my books. As you know, most of my books are set on the beautiful Isle of Man, which I'm immensely happy to also call home.

This is Peel and a part of the island I absolutely adore. So much so, it's also appeared in three of my books (I think) so far.

The heritage and absolute beauty of the place are quite simply, inspiring. I adore the old world charm with quaint fishing cottages wrapped around narrow winding cobbled streets. It’s easy to drift away and imagine you're in a seaside town at the turn of the 19th century.

My fictional detective novel, The Seaside Detective Agency, plus my new book, The Bookshop by the Beach (out soon) are both located there.

They say write what you know and love. For this reason, Peel is always a great location.

Oh, you can also get a cracking ice cream, and the fish n’ chips aren’t too bad, either!


A comedy writer from the Isle of Man

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