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Audiobooks - The new way of reading?

I was a late adopter to the world of Audiobooks. I think I'd published seven or eight books by the time I finally jumped on board.

Initially, I didn't really get it, if you know what I mean. Who wants to listen to somebody reading them a story? That's only what your mum does when your three years old, right? Wrong!!

I was genuinely surprised by the number of people asking me if my books were available on Audio. And so, I took the plunge and now have about ten books on The costs in producing a market-ready Audiobook can be eyewatering, so you have to know that there is a market out there for you.

I have regulars who listen to my books when they're driving, doing the housework or even out for a walk. It's just a different dimension to reading and one I didn't initially realise was there.

For an author, you need to provide the wonderful readers out there what they want. Some writers restrict themselves to, say Kindle alone. I would estimate my sales are a 50/50 split between Kindle and Paperback, so to restrict your offering is significantly reducing your market and missing out on meeting potential new readers.

Today, I've just released my latest audiobook for the Bookshop by the Beach. It's the first time I've worked with a female voice actor (as previous books have been male lead characters) and Melissa who read the book for me was an absolutely amazing person to work with. She really brings the characters alive and instils the humour I'd written in the book. I've attached a five-minute preview below.

Genuine question for you all out there on the web: What is your preference when reading a book? Kindle, Paperback or Audio?

If you like Audio, do give the new book a go as it's a hoot :)

The link below will take you to my website and through to Amazon where it's available in all three formats.


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