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The Bookshop by the Beach by JC Williams
  • "The feel-good summer read you've been looking for! ★★★★★"

  • "I love J C Williams! I'm a happier person with his books in my life." 

  • "Deliciously funny, poignant and totally uplifting. I defy you to not smile reading this book."

Libby Tebbit had absolutely had her fill of big-city life.

So, when presented with the opportunity to take over her gran’s shop, The Bookshop by the Beach, she’d have been crazy to turn it down, right?

Idyllic notions of lazy days by the ocean shore, shooing away the surplus eligible bachelors circling around her like squawking gulls, filled her head. These things were certain to await her, she felt confident, in this next glorious chapter of her life – this wonderful seaside adventure on the Isle of Man.

Only her business acumen was about as useless as her choice in men. Still, nothing ventured nothing gained. And, besides, what’s the worst that could happen?

Well, quite a lot as she’d soon discover. In a relatively short amount of time, a business that’d operated fairly successfully for forty years was on its knees – and, sadly, Libby’s dance card was also emptier than her bank account.

She wasn’t ready to let go of her dream so easily. Not just yet. All she needed, then, was a plan to turn around the ailing fortunes of The Bookshop by the Beach, and fast!

The feel-good, romantic comedy read for the summer. If you enjoy Sophie Kinsella or JOJO Moyes then you'll adore this book. 

If you'd prefer a signed copy direct from me, the author, please click below to order. Postage to the UK is included in the price (£16)

Please click on the link below to order from the Amazon store. (Kindle, Paperback or Audiobook) If it doesn't take you to your local store, no problem. Simply type the name of the book into Amazon!

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