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A Reluctant Christmas Novel by J C Williams

Adam Catchpole is a successful sci-fi author.


Well, he was a successful sci-fi author, which is a more accurate statement because his book sales are sinking faster than a piece of Martian rock in a pond.


As such, his mortgage is in arrears, Stacey, his girlfriend, has deserted him, and he can’t afford fuel for his overpriced Porsche.


Facing eviction and a trip to the job centre, Adam’s agent suggests he might consider writing books for another popular genre, such as spicy romance or Christmas novels. But the problem is that he’s relatively useless with anything considered romantic (as Stacey would confirm), and he hates Christmas.


Still, if he wants to put food on the table, he settles for the lesser of two evils and attempts to write the perfect, if not reluctant, Christmas novel.


Well, that’s the plan, at least. Because, like many timeless festive classics, things often don’t quite go as originally planned…

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