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The funniest, feel-good book you'll read

Order the hilarious sequel here  

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Out now on kindle, paperback and hardback! 

The audible version is now available 


The perfect, feel-good read to put a huge smile on your face!

It's not that single mum Charlotte Newman is completely and utterly obsessed with crafting, necessarily.

Sure, she has balls of wool stashed everywhere like a squirrel stores nuts, and more needles than a tattoo parlour. But that doesn't mean she has a problem, right?

Finding herself between jobs, Charlotte fills her time teaching crafting skills at the local nursing home. Encouraged by how positively the residents respond, the possibility of a career doing what she adores fills her mind.

The first step towards that ambition is creating a crafting hub for the community – The Crafternoon Sewcial Club.

When a local charity announces a major knitting-themed fundraiser, Charlotte sees the ideal stage to put her new club firmly on the crafting map and drum up new members in the process.

Unfortunately, not everybody is on board with her vision for a crafting club, as it turns out. Indeed, some are even hoping to see Charlotte's dream come crashing down around her.

Still, she won't let a minor issue like that derail her plans…

To ensure victory, then, she'll need to rally her new members and ask her friends from the nursing home to get those needles clicking faster than a hummingbird's wings!

Please click on the link below to purchase kindle, paperback or hardback from Amazon UK. I've also attached links for Amazon USA, Canada and Australia

If you'd like to order a signed paperback copy direct from me, you can order below. Price includes UK postage. Contact me for intl rates

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Order the hilarious sequel here  

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