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Frank 'n' Stan's Bucket List #6 Las Vegas

The gang are back for another rip-roaring adventure!

For somebody so often the life and soul of the party, Dave Quirk is officially a bit down in the dumps.

And that’s because, after numerous trips to the estate agents, he’s realised that with his modest deposit, he might need to moderate his aspirations to something a touch less grandiose. Such as a Wendy house, for example.

Still, for now, there’s plenty going on to take Dave’s mind off such matters. First up, an all-expenses paid trip to the United States to attend the celebratory premiere of the upcoming TV documentary series, Isle of Man TT Aces, in which Dave will be prominently featured.

Along with Monty, Frank, and Stan, our boys were proving themselves to be, quite possibly, the most unlikely stars to ever be gracing the small screen. That is, if their ardent and ever-increasing American fanbase was anything to go by. In fact, viewers simply could not wait to see them!

And it’s over there in the good old US of A that an opportunity to bolster Dave’s bank balance presents itself. However, in doing so, the gang are pitted against a previous and particularly irritating foe in the process.

So, it’s passports at the ready, because the gang are off to Las Vegas, baby!

Oh, and if our intrepid quartet were making their way to Sin City, then, according to Stella, there wasn’t a snowball in hell’s chance that she wasn’t also coming along for a jolly…



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