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The gang are back in the latest book of the feel-good, smash-hit comedy


  • 'This is the funniest series of books I've ever read. End-off!'
  • 'You don't need to love bikes or even the Isle of Man TT Races to adore these books. Feel-good brilliance.'
  • 'You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll smile but, oh my, it'll leave you wanting more. Heartwarming brilliance and has to be made into a film.'

Life rarely stands still when you find yourself surrounded by a bunch of loveable crackpots. Certainly, that was the case for Frank and Stan.

With their hugely successful ‘Le Mans’ TT now behind them, thoughts turned to their next adventure and, inevitably, also to the topic of their own mortality.

Still, the gang had their first Christmas at the TT Farm to look forward to, and the prospect of entering a team for the next Isle of Man TT races as well. So, on the whole, life was pretty darn good — and especially so, now that wedding bells could also be heard chiming in the distance. It seemed nothing could dampen their spirits…

Until, that is, an old cretinous, cravat-wearing acquaintance appears with an offer they simply cannot refuse, so to speak. Well, they could refuse the offer, of course. But doing so could mean losing all they’d worked so very hard to achieve and leaving them at real risk of having everything come crashing down around their ears.

There were certainly strong headwinds facing them, but Team Frank & Stan would never abandon ship and go down without a fight! And, besides, they’d always have Stella on deck, manning the canons!

Frank 'n' Stan's Bucket List #4 Audiobook (Digital Download)

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