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This is your chance to buy BOTH books in the hilarious, feel-good series. You'll receive two new paperbacks signed by the author (me) The price of £28 also includes UK postage. Please contact me for intl. rates. 


Until quite recently, Ben Parker was considered, by many, one of the finest bakers on the Isle of Man.

Indeed, his wife was once the first to concur with that accolade, directly attributing his culinary skills to her expanding waistline, in fact. So it was ironic, Ben couldn’t help but consider, that she ran off with the dietician he’d hired at her behest.

And soon, despite having his wonderful daughter Ruby, whom he adored, by his side, he struggled to adjust to life being suddenly and unceremoniously single. As such, it wasn’t long until his once-thriving bakery business started falling apart faster than an overly flaky pastry.

So, with no job to speak of and a dwindling bank balance, Ben needed to sort himself out and get things back on track. And his salvation presented itself in an unexpected form, an ailing campsite he felt confident he could rescue.

Sure, taking over another business would be a challenge, but it was one he was keen to embrace. After all, it wouldn’t be that difficult, would it…?

Well, yes, as it should happen. And it didn’t help matters that certain people were so desperate to see Ben fall at the first hurdle that they’d stop at nothing to derail his plans for his next adventure at Life’s a Pitch.

Life's a Pitch - BOTH books in the series signed by the author

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