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Welcome! Here you can buy the full audiobook directly from the author (me) Your audiobook will be delivered via the Bookfunnel App as a digital download (It's exceptionally user friendly and you'll receive full instructions on how to redeem your book via the confirmation email 


***If you'd like to listen to the audible version of the first book in the series, it's available on Audible. Unfortunately, I don't have it available directly from me***


The gang from the Isle of Man’s primo detective agency are back for another case!

  • "The funniest, cozy mystery series I've ever read!"
  • "If you take life too seriously, these books are not for you. If you don't, you'll love them."
  • "Inspired comic genius. Simply brilliant."

There’s something of a crime wave in progress on the ordinarily sedate Isle of Man...


The services of the Eyes Peeled Detective Agency are secured by Sir Barrington Hedley-Smythe following the theft of four rare, and exceptionally valuable, bronze busts.


Sam and the team are soon hot on the case, also happening upon a mysterious spate of missing pets in the process. Then, if their caseload wasn’t busy enough, the shocking theft of the iconic Isle of Man Senior TT Trophy is making global headlines, meaning even more potential work for our intrepid team.


Overall, ideal business conditions for an expanding firm of private detectives, you’d imagine?


Well, not so much…


The unwelcome presence of an unscrupulous rival, eager to carve out a slice of the action for themselves, puts the very future of the agency in real jeopardy.Still, the Eyes Peeled team are a resilient bunch who’d pull out all the stops to solve The Case of the Brazen Burglar.

The Seaside Detective Agency - Part 2 Audiobook (Digital Download)

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