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Greetings from the Isle of Man (JC HQ)

I just realised it's seven years since I started writing...

Where the heck's that gone?

I don't often update my blog as often as I should. I suppose I'm just worried that you lovely people who buy my books might not want my ramblings popping up in your inbox. Still, I suppose that's what the unsubscribe button was invented for...

I've been a busy boy the last few months.

Today, my seventeenth book went live on Amazon. Genuinely, I still get as excited now as I did when I published my first book at the end of 2014. In addition, the audio version of The Crafternoon Sewcial Club is now on audible.

Have I ever told you how much I love this job!

I only started writing when I snapped my knee and needed something to distract me from getting bored to tears. For those that don't know, I fell off the back of a children's scooter (pretending I was still cool) and promptly snapped that tendon under your kneecap. Turns out you need that for moving.

Who knew, seven years later, I'd have written seventeen books and now get to call this hobby of mine my full-time job. That's down to you wonderful bunch of wonderful folk supporting me along the way. So, thank you.

I'm not going to go all preachy on you, but...It's funny where opportunity presents itself. If I hadn't made a prize plum of myself on a kid's scooter, I'd still be working in a bank and you'd never have heard of me.

Anyway, back to my new release, Frank and Stan's Bucket List #5 Isle of Man TT Aces. This is the fifth instalment in this series and is so much fun. I resisted writing it for a long time as I felt a weight of pressure associated with it. Most people enjoy the series, so I didn't want to just churn another book out if I didn't feel the characters had anything further to contribute. Think, Rocky 15 or Rambo 12 - there comes a point when it's time to draw a line in the sand. However, there is still a lot for these guys to do and I relish the opportunity of telling it.

I write about different topics, such as Crafting, Lonely Heart Clubs, a TT adventure, for example. If you've tried and enjoyed one of my books, you'll likely like the others, regardless. While Frank and Stan are based around the backdrop of the Isle of Man TT Races, you don't necessarily need to like motorbikes. It's the underlying theme of friendship and humour which is prevalent in most of my books.

So, if you're unsure you'd like Frank and Stan, do give it a go. It's heartwarming, uplifting and so very funny. If you like my style of writing, you'll like this series. Similarly, if you've read Frank but not my others, for the same reason, give them a go.

Keeping me busy now, I'm working on the sequel for The Crafternoon Sewcial Club which is going live on 31st March 2022. I've just finished chapter five, so I'd better pull my finger out.

You can find a full list of my books (including books for the family) on my website:

Below is the new book. Give them a go, if you don't take life too seriously, you'll enjoy 'em.

Christmas is coming, so if you'd like a signed book you can also buy signed paperbacks directly from me.

Take care and drop me a line if you want to say hello. (my email is



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