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New year, new challenge?

I don't often blog. But I should as I quite enjoy it. The main reason I don't is that I'm not sure if any bugger actually reads them! If you do, thank you!

Six years ago, this week, I published my very first book. Before that, I'd never written a thing. Nothing...ever!

I set myself the challenge, went with it and now, sixteen books later I'm pleased to say it's now my job after quitting a career in finance.

I'll continue writing this year, produce more audiobooks. But, what next? What challenge? On my 'to do' list is to write a play. Patent something (Just to say I have, more than anything) Oh, there's a damp patch in the hall I need to sort. So, yes...that needs to go on the list.

So, what's your challenge for the new year. Do something today that your future self will thank you for!

You're probably thinking about packing up the Christmas deccies (does everyone call them deccies?) for another year. Here's something I once did and it worked wonders: Set yourself a goal for 2021 and write it down. Fold up the piece of paper and tuck it inside the Christmas tree box. You then have a timescale and think how amazing you'll feel when you've accomplished what you set yourself later in the year when you're taking the tree back out of the loft. Trust me, it works. Do it now...

Anyway, I'm going to commit to blogging a bit more, so, if you're bored already, it might be an idea to block, unfriend, throw your computer through the window, or, whatever.

Also, I'd be a pretty useless author if I didn't plug one of my books on a blog post. So...

On these cold, dark winter nights, feel the sun on your face, once more, with my new release: The Bookshop by the Beach. Out now on Kindle and Paperback (soon to be audible) A deliciously funny and uplifting read.

Link below.

Big love and have a great year ahead!


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