Frank and Stan #5.png

Frank and Stan #5

Early bird special

  • Signed paperback by both the author and Dave Quirk. Please note this will be later in the year when it's written. Please read the terms and conditions.

  • Signed 10 x 8 action shot from TT19 signed by author and Dave Quirk. (It's the Frank & Stan sponsored machine on the poster)

  • All early birders will go into a draw. Winner will have their name appear in the new book!

All this for only £25.00. 

Simply click the Paypal link below to order

  • Terms and conditions:

  • The book is not written. Nowhere near (I'm just about to finish chapter ten) It will be posted when I receive my author copies. Usually two weeks after the publishing date. So, you need to understand, it'll be later in the year before you receive the book.

  • The winner will have their name in the book as a minimum. If I can beef it out to make it more of a cameo role I will. But I cannot guarantee it. As a minimum, your name will be in the book This will, of course, be announced before the book is finished. Because I need to know who the winner is so I can include them in the book

  • There's no cut-off date, but I will put a post on giving people one week's notice of it closing.