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They're back!

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The loveable gang from the smash-hit book series are back in their hilarious, fifth instalment. 

There’s a sense of giddy excitement wafting through the air as the Isle of Man prepares itself for the annual TT races. And Frank and Stan simply cannot wait.

Also eager for the action to commence is a couple of American filmmakers hoping to showcase the event to a global audience.

One of the crucial ingredients in their plan is to recruit a charismatic, go-getting natural athlete to be the poster boy for their project, titled, Isle of Man TT Aces. How they ended up with Dave Quirk, then, is nothing short of baffling.

Still, with Dave on board and signed up, at least they also get Monty thrown in for free. So, every cloud and all that…

However, with the prospect of fame and fortune on the table, not everybody is pleased for our new pin-up boys. Indeed, there are even some out there who’ll stop at nothing to scupper their onscreen debuts.

So, it’s lights, camera, and action on the Isle of Man TT Aces, but will Dave and Monty be the ones to actually walk down the red carpet…?

The feel-good, uplifting read of the year!

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