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Frank and Stan's Bucket List #5 coming soon! Your chance to appear in the new book.

I was surprised to see it was 16 months since I last hit publish on Frank and Stan #4. I've been busy in the time since, having written 4 other books and produced 3 audiobooks.

However... I really do miss these loveable idiots in my life.

As an author who writes stand-alone books and series, both present their own challenges. On a stand-alone, the characters are completely new and you need time to get to know them and their special little ways. When you write a series, you know the characters, but there is the added pressure that the reader (quite rightly) expects a certain standard to be maintained.

I genuinely wouldn't write another book in a series if I didn't think there was anything to be achieved by it or the stories would start to get stagnant. Frank and Stan is a huge responsibility for me, as I feel, like some of you do, that we're all a part of their collective journey. I genuinely enjoy being a part of their lives and I'm desperate to see what they get up to next.

That's why I'm starting on Frank 5. I miss them. It may sound daft, but it's true.

Anyway, I'm doing a pre-order special, with some special extra little goodies for you early birds. You even have a chance of appearing in the book. Read on for the full details...

For those early birds who secure their place, you'll receive, when it's written:

- A paperback signed by both me (as the author) and star of the books - TT Legend, Dave Quirk (when it's written)

- A signed 10 x 8 photograph of team Frank and Stan's Bucket list from TT 2019. Again, signed by both me and Dave Quirk. The image is the action shot in the poster, below.

- If that's not cool enough, I'll put all early birders into the hat for a special prize draw. The winner will have their name appearing in the new book, Frank and Stan's bucket list #5. That's seriously a great prize and you'll be immortalised for all time!

All this for only £25.00 including delivery to the UK. Please contact me for intl rates.

For full details and to order, click the poster below, or, the following link: Frank 5 pre-order | Author J C Williams

Terms and conditions:

- The book is not written. Nowhere near (I'm just about to finish chapter one) It will be posted when I receive my author copies. Usually two weeks after the publishing date. So, you need to understand, it'll be later in the year before you receive the book.

- The winner will have their name in the book as a minimum. If I can beef it out to make it more of a cameo role I will. But I cannot guarantee it. As a minimum, your name will be in the book This will, of course, be announced before the book is finished. Because I need to know who the winner is so I can include them in the book.

- There's no cut-off date, but I will put a post on giving people one week's notice of its closing.

- Any questions - just ask.


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